Fulfilling the Great Commission by raising Christ-centred disciples to plant vibrant, biblical churches in our cities and countries all over the world


I’m Pastor Shadrach Lanlor in Nzerekore. I’ve been here for church planting for 3 years, this is the fourth year. It has really been hectic, it hasn’t been easy. But by the grace of God, we are trying our best, because no man can do anything on his own if it’s not God. So we are really, actually going by the grace of God. It’s not easy, especially in Guinea, to plant a church. You must be very strong spiritually. It’s not just physically strong but also financially.

But bless the Lord, you know sometimes, God does His miracles. People you know, give us grounds. Like when I came, there was no area where I could start. I have to start where I’m lodged. So, we started with an amount of 5 and after some time, we asked the landlord to give us a place somewhere and it was available. And so there, we’re able to at least construct a structure, where we are now and affiliating with others. So, people are coming gradually, small small. From 5 persons, we began to grow from 10, and then 10 to 20. Now, we thank God we have at least around 39 going to 40 and sometimes, above that. Sometimes it goes up and drops in number, because the Christianity in Guinea is not easy. But we thank God that God is doing His best. Things are moving gradually. People are beginning to understand what we have come to do. And so because of that, there’s an awareness that’s already created, and so many are coming, at least small small.

So, we thank God for everything that is going on. Especially at the conference this year. Very much good. I believe after the conference, we shall receive many souls coming into this building. And so we bless the Lord for what He is doing. Nothing else just to say thank God. And we’re happy to see you at least amongst us and what you are doing actually is very much important. And I believe people will receive the message. And they will actually know that yes, we mean business in what we have come to do. We have not come to just play or look for money as they see Guineans become missionaries, to look for money. But they are seeing it by themselves. It is not money that we have come to look for, but souls for Jesus.

Ps Shadrach Lendor, HIM Nzerekore, Guinea