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Ever wished to have reliable, trusted sources for Christian topics and resources?  Wondering where we can find some in HIM?
We are excited to announce that HIM have just launched a ministry equipping website www.wilsonlailing.com.  We believe that the content produced for this website will be of help to you and your church.  Specifically, it will help provide training for leaders, intercessors and prophetic ministries building upon Ps. Lai Ling’s and my giftings.  In the form of short podcasts. 
We will also write articles on a whole range of areas on Christian Living, Bible and Church.  New content will be produced twice monthly.  And it is all free!  Our heart is that we can more effectively serve HIM and the broader Church to fulfil the Great Commission.
Check out the website for yourself and subscribe to receive regular newsletter updates.  Our first 2 leadership episodes are on “Leadership: The Key Is God” and “Leadership: The Key Is You”.  Our first blogs on Christian Living are on “Dealing With Pressure Parts 1 & 2” plus 5 short reflections. You will also find 8 sermon videos and numerous quotes.

The primary objectives of this website include:

* To serve our HIM churches by providing quality content for equipping of leaders, intercessors and prophetic ministers.  These areas build upon our strengths. These podcasts are designed to make it easy to use for both personal and group settings.  For that reason, we are providing discussion guides for each episode produced.  In the near future, it is hoped that many of these episodes will form the backbone of training modules.

*To provide articles that are educational, inspirational and/or practical that would be of benefit to HIM.  Currently these articles will be in the areas of Bible, Christian Living and Church.  We hope that these articles can help bring clarity and address key areas of interest and concern within HIM. Many are seeking answers everywhere else.  It is time that they can discover answers from within HIM easily. It also better serves the younger generation who prefer to seek answers in an only-when-needed approach rather than to sit through our local church courses.

*To provide inspirational content in the form of our sermons, reflections and quotes. 

*To reach beyond HIM to bless and connect with the wide Body of Christ.  The contents in this website are freely available as we also want to make is easily accessible.  Our hope is that these contents will also help build stronger connections into the Body of Christ.

Do come and take a look at www.wilsonlailing.com and subscribe here bit.ly/subscribenewsletterWandL for regular updates. Do let others know, if it could be of help to them.
We always love to hear constructive feedback as well as any request for topics to address etc.  The website has a comment plus Q&A page for this.
Looking forward to seeing you on our website.
Serving His Church,
Dr. Wilson Lim
President, HIM