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And that’s a wrap! This year, despite all that has been going on, Hope Church Brisbane took the leap to host the Hope Leaders Conference for the first time ever online from 20th-21st November. The approximately 350 attendees had the chance to hear from 3 key speakers, Ps Wilson Lim of Hope Church Brisbane, Ps Denis Lu of Hope Kuching and Ps Jerry Stott from Foursquare, and join a variety of Target Workshops and Special Interest Chat Group on a variety of topics. This year’s HLC, RESET, was truly a much needed time of receiving in a year that our leaders have been having to give out so much to those around them. With that, here are some highlights from this year’s Hope Leaders Conference:

Highlights! Friday Night

Kick-starting off this year’s HLC Ps Wilson Lim shared a message on ‘The Leader’s Spiritual RESET’. As a leader, we need to reconnect with God, repent and let go. We need to realign with God, His perspectives and purposes as well as repattern our thinking and behaviour. With God, we can!

Highlights! Saturday Morning

For the first time ever, we took the step to exercise together with a PT (@rachelwufitness) during our Hope Leaders Conference. After exercising our physical muscles, we then exercised our spiritual ones, hearing various stories about pioneering and the importance of just being available from Ps Denis Lu. It was then that we were able to go to various Target Workshops such as “Online Evangelism’ and ‘How to Be a Stronger Leader’ before heading into an optional time of networking and growing from one another’s experiences in our Special Interest Chat Groups.

Highlights! Saturday Night Live

During the Saturday night session we had the pleasure of hearing from Dr Jerry Stott on the topic of ‘Who We Are’. We were so blessed to be able to hear how God has been moving through Ps Jerry, even despite whatever restrictions have come into place because of COVID-19. God was truly moving on the night as well, as during the altar call almost everyone took that step to respond; Dr Jerry Stott then taking the time to personally pray for the over 150 people responding. God truly touched the lives of so many!

To end, here are just a couple of testimonies from those who were at the HLC! We pray they are an encouragement to you all!

The HLC Team

Morning session with Pastor Denis really brought me back again to the heart of pioneering and that really we are not confined to the four walls of church, the church is supposed to be growing, it’s supposed to be expanding, it’s supposed to be reaching out to different ones, regardless of where they come from or regardless of what they carry. I believe that the Gospel, based on what Pastor Denis shared, it’s so simple, it’s so powerful, that just an act of faith to step out, to say yes to God, can bring about so many different transformations in people’s life.
By Sonia Mao
God really spoke to me through the verse that was shared multiple times, “what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard and what no mind has conceived”, and He really refreshed purpose in me that He would use me to speak that to people, use the Holy Spirit in me to speak that over people’s lives, to prophesy over them.
By Nicholas Leong