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I went to  Kouankan, Macenta Region, Guinea to conduct a conference and revival meetings from 17 to 22 March 2021. Kouankan is a town and sub-prefecture in the Macenta Prefecture in the Nzérékoré Region of south-eastern Guinea.

Ps Henry Tamba is pastor of Hope Kouankan. The conference took place in Hope Kouankan Church and about 60 persons attended each session of the training which lasted for 5 days. I preached and taught on the importance of serving God, unity of the brethren and team work in the body of Christ. I also taught on church growth; on how and why it’s important. I preached on the supernatural work of God, His unlimited and abundant grace for all who put their trust in hope.

We also had revival meetings which brought many healings and salvation. Each night, there was a great turnout. 150 persons came on the first night with 25 persons given their lives to CHRIST. On the second night, 165 in attendance, 8 persons surrendered their lives to Christ with 10 healings testified. On the third night, we had 173 attendance, 22 persons received Christ , 20 persons prayed for being sick. On the fourth night,180 many surrendered their lives during the altar call.

The presence of God was so strong that the atmosphere was full of His unfailing grace for all the wonderful works during the trainings and revival meetings. All glory be to God!

By Ps Sonny Brown, Hope Liberia