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Hope Church Brisbane 28th Anniversary

On 10 October 2021, Hope Church Brisbane gathered together, in-person and online, to celebrate its 28th Anniversary. This year’s theme was “Generations Chosen by God”. A motif throughout the entire anniversary program was how different generations of members in a church build each other up. This was also reflected in this year’s anniversary outfit theme: each generation wore a specific colour: working adults, blue; students, white; family, red.

“God’s heart is for a multitude of generations to be blessed” Ps Wilson Lim

Following praise and worship, there was a “Generations of Hope” interview where three generations of the church family shared testimonies of how the church and the investment by its members forever changed their lives. There were so many inspiring truths shared by each interviewee. There was also a visual representation of this theme as five generations of the Hope Church Brisbane family added their piece to a beautiful artwork displayed on stage.

Pastor Wilson’s sermon was on Genesis 48:10-14 about how God is the God of past, present and future generations. Pastor Wilson shared how God calls each generation to play their role in building the church. It was an inspiring message about how every heart, no matter what age they are, is chosen by God to seek, impart and receive God’s blessings.

Afterwards, there was a photo challenge where attendees who could capture three generations in one photo received a prize. All in all, it was a wonderful day where everyone, old and young (physically and spiritually), all praised the same God for building Hope Church Brisbane 28 years strong.

Written by Trung Tang, Hope Church Brisbane