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In October, six of us from Hope Church Brisbane went to Fiji for a short-term mission trip. Prior to the trip, we were all nervous due to our uncertainties about conducting a healing service. However, God is faithful! A couple of days before the trip, I picked up a Christian book titled ‘How to Heal the Sick’. After reading it, I was empowered in faith and knowledge by many biblical principles. God also used me to empower the team to grow in different aspects about God’s miraculous healing.

During the mission trip, we met many friendly and hospitable Fijians. We ministered to the people in the slum area. God healed an elderly Indian woman, who had pain in her knees, after praying for her. A Fijian teenager who had uneven legs after a car accident, was healed by God as we witnessed her legs grew even in length after prayers. Many others were very open to receive prayer even they did not know Jesus.

We also went for street evangelism in Suva (Fiji’s capital city). We did street worship in the middle of the city, and we attracted quite a number of people. We blessed a Chinese expatriate who has been looking for an English Bible – what a divine appointment!

We also participated in a ‘Gift ministry’. The ministry help people to know God and provide free medical services. Since three of our team members are professional nurses, they helped in the medical area for the whole day. The other three helped provide Christian counselling and prayers for the people who came for the service. It was a very effective ministry as it covers the spirit, soul and body.On Sunday, we ministered at Lami Gospel church, about five minutes away from Suva. We prepared some song performances, and bought lollies and small toys for the children. After Kay and Julius led the congregation with songs, Julius and Flora shared their personal testimonies. For the sermon, I preached about Faith in Healing from Mark 8 and Acts 3. During the altar call, an elderly woman was healed from wrist and arm pains after we prayed for her. Many others responded to the altar call and received prayers. During lunch, besides receiving a feast from the church, we also ministered to a woman who suffered a stroke and was battling breast cancer. We prayed for her and she received Holy Spirit baptism and the gift of tongues, praise God! In the afternoon, we joined an Australian missionary, Pastor Bryan and family, to a small church in the slum area. Despite the poverty and lack of resources, all the people were rejoicing in God in worship and strengthened in faith through the Word.

In conclusion, the whole team have been empowered in faith about God’s power, the love and compassion for the poor and the lost, exercising spiritual gifts in actions, serving together with love and unity. We are also eager to go for another mission trip again. All glory to God!

Written by Ken Wu