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A team of five people, Angela Soh, Kathy Wu, Kwadwo Ofori, Li Hsien Yoong and Alex Goh went to Fiji. We had meetings at Lautoka, a one-night rally, a youth rally, a Sunday Service and also informal prayer meetings and ministry and worship training.

We also had night meetings at three villages in the Raki Raki area and visited the Raki Raki Hospital where we had permission to walk through the wards to pray for the sick and pray for all the nurses (about 20) on duty at that time. We had the privilege to visit and pray for two High Chiefs, one over 9 villages, the other over 18 villages.At all the places/meetings, there were instant healings, including healing from pain from different parts of the body, return of mobility to a stroke patient, a breast lump disappearing, clear vision to people with blurred vision, woman with two poorly set broken legs who could walk again; many healings. There was salvation, re-dedication of lives to God, almost instant Holy Spirit baptisms evidenced through speaking of tongues and deliverances.

Team members also spoke several prophetic words and words of knowledge that brought conviction and hope to many people. One highlight was when the team was praying for a young man whose house was out in the bush; it did not even have a house number. We had prayed for his mother, the Sister of the hospital we visited the day before. She gave details of her son’s condition to Ps Mark but not to us. Upon finding his house, we received permission to pray for him and we received many words of knowledge revealing his present condition, including wrongful relationships, drug and alcohol abuse and occultic practices.

Pastor Mark had told the young man that we did not know anything about him. The fear of God came upon this young man and he repented and re-dedicated his life to God. It was wonderful to reunite mother and son the next day when we persuaded him to move in to live with his mother whom he had not seen for a while.