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My 2nd Missionary Journey to Africa (May 2013)

This is my second missionary trip to Africa since 2009. This time it was to the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) and to Rwanda

DRC is the 2nd largest country in Africa and had been at war since 1996. When I found out that there had been over 5.4 million deaths since its onset, but on top of that, that it had been reported that DRC has the second highest incidence of rape in the world – I was a little taken aback! But the Lord assured me that if I do whatever He calls me to do – then He will protect me and He will provide for me! 

The Journey 

Jemma, my travelling partner from Hope Adelaide, and I, packed our bags on the 9 May 2013, and thus began our 10 day missionary journey to central Africa.

I had been asked to preach at a 3 day Womens’ Conference, a 3 day Pastors Conference and also to visit a few of our Hope Churches whilst I was there.
Thanks to Ps Mapya – we now have over 55 Hope Churches in DRC, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.

I left Australia with a GOAL in mind – to really bless our Hope Churches in central Africa and our central African pastors who had given up so much for their faith. But also to demonstrate to Hope DRC & Hope Rwanda as a movement, that we love the people of DRC / Rwanda and that they are part of a large extended HIM family and were very much in our hearts!

The Ministry and the People 

A typical day would be to preach twice a day and do home visits in the evening. There were no night meetings for us in DRC.

It was exhilarating preaching and ministering to the churches as the people were so excited and hungry to receive the Word of God. I felt compelled by love in my heart to bring healing to the broken hearted women in DRC plagued by the ravages of war… I just wanted to hug them.

The home visits were really a highlight for me. Jemma and I got to see how the people live and how content and happy they were, despite their circumstances.

Even though some of the pastors have barely enough to eat and some only survive with one meal a day – yet there was joy in their hearts! That brought tears to our eyes.

It really brought home the reality of true sacrifice for me. We are so comfortable here in Australia – I feel we need to go ‘the extra mile’ for Jesus!

I was also deeply moved by the humility & sacrifice of the people. Eg. some of the pastors walked 100kms and others 500kms and were sleeping on the side of the road for 2 weeks just to come to the pastors conference!

We managed to visit and preach in 5 churches while I was there. One of the churches was called Hope Nyangezi. This church has been emptying the patients from the local hospital because of their faith in the healing power of Christ. When I was there more than 80% of the people responded to the altar call for healing and I believe they were all healed. Hallelujah!

Blessings Returned

There was just so much love in the churches of Hope DRC and Rwanda. Even as I write this article, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Even though Jemma and I went there to bless, we were blessed beyond words!
This is yet another life-changing, invaluable experience for me at a deep level.

I believe the love and spirit of the people we see in Hope DRC and Rwanda is a real tribute to Ps Mapya’s leadership. He is a real man of love, faith and vision. It is a real privilege to have this man of God in our movement!

Finally, lets continue to keep the fire burning in our hearts for missions, and continue to pray for our Hope family in Africa. Amen!

With love & prayers

Pastor Helen Kirby, Hope Adelaide