Fulfilling the Great Commission by raising Christ-centred disciples to plant vibrant, biblical churches in our cities and countries all over the world


Shekinah has been creating productions for the OC since our humble beginnings in Toowoomba. Inspired by the presbytery from John Jacks’ ministry, Shekinah has evolved greatly and will continue to do so as the Lord leads.

Shekinah is a prophetic arts ministry that will endeavour to ‘sound the trumpet’ for the rheema truth God wants to communicate. We utilise any and every creative medium to communicate and prophesy truth. Using Arts to minister to the heart is a very powerful instrument to help people embrace God’s ways.

Catalyst for Renaissance

For too long the world has shaped what and how we should classify the notion of beauty and truth. The underpinnings of today’s visual and written texts often position Christians as marginalised and ‘our voice’ is silenced.

Shekinah Productions desires to instigate a cultural movement (renaissance) where beauty and truth are defined by the ideas we as artists gain from our Creator. We hope to ultimately prophesy God’s heart to the nations. Hence the prophetic arts will branch out into a number of streams in 2014 (identified below). Budding artists in our movement need a platform to flourish in their craft. For our art to be conduits for His presence, and that we will render the tangible glory of God through our gifts. I still believe that God will manifest His tangible presence in our films, dance, music, and art of all forms. I believe we can achieve this if we keep it pure and we faithfully develop our craft.


With at least 20 productions behind us including 4 films and 2 EP’s we are really excited to invite the next generation to join our growing team. Many of our films are shot and produced over several nations including Sri Lanka, Australia, Zambia and the US. Shekinah Productions works with both Christian and industry professionals to keep our work fresh, innovate and professional.

We run regular workshops and competitions too.

For more details please like our Facebook page and check out our website. Let us know who you are and how you would like to be involved. (https://www.facebook.com/ShekinahArt/timeline)

We hope to generate more income from DVDs/CDs and other merchandise sales. Proceeds will go back into the production. (See below).

Write to Belle Wolter for more information on Shekinah Productions : [email protected]