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* Activities that are Hope Brisbane weekly program, not part of the School. Students are welcome to join.

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Team Dynamics

We have heard frequently that T.E.A.M stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. This definition can be visionary and daunting at the same time. Teams are not formed overnight and require good team dynamics to be one. This workshop seeks to help participants understand more about how team dynamics can affect a team, practical applications in building good team dynamics and being a team leader

Foundations of Biblical Interpretation and Study

Paul exhorts his young protégé Timothy to do his best to present himself to God “as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth” (2 Tim 2:15). And what is true for Timothy (i.e. pastors / teachers of God’s Word) in particular is also true for believers in general. As Christians, we are to “rightly handle” the Word of God. But how exactly do we ensure we are “rightly handling” God’s Word? With a vast array of competing interpretations, how do we know which is most faithful to Scripture?

This course seeks to answer the above questions by introducing and equipping students with the basic principles of biblical interpretation as well as providing some practical, hands-on approaches to studying the
Bible. These are fundamental skills that ensure believers will be sufficiently equipped to properly read, study, understand, and apply God’s truth into their own lives – as well as faithfully and responsibly teach it to others.

Inspirational Leadership

When does leadership move from simply leading to inspirational? What makes the difference to a follower that they become inspired by your leadership? That instead of being drained by working for you, they feel lifted up and energised when working with you?
Is there a formula for their effectiveness? Are there some traits that they possess? Can you develop some of these?

This class reveals some of these keys and will provide some practical steps to develop into an inspirational leader.

Art of Sermon Delivery and Public Speaking

Public speaking and preaching is not just the domain of the eloquent and the gifted. It is an art that can be discovered and mastered. It is a science that can be understood, learnt and applied.

Our churches need better speakers, greater communicators and more anointed preachers. This subject identifies the key elements of style that enables us to be more effective communicators. And you will be provided the opportunity to apply these elements to improve your communication effectiveness.

Principles of Church Growth

Why is it that some churches grow more than others? What are some of the ingredients that enable growth to occur? Is it due to God primarily? Is it due to the culture that has been nurtured? Is it due to effective leadership?
This subject will unlock some of the keys that lead to church growth. Such keys can also unlock the growth of small groups in your church today.

HIM philosophy of ministry

What makes Hope International Ministries what it is? HIM is a family of churches with a unique flavour and approach towards ministry. This subject will expound the way we do ministry and why it is so important to us. Learn the biblical basis for our approach. You will also learn to examine its implications on how you do church.