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When we left for Africa, we looked at acquiring accommodation for our pooches, Honey and Ruby. Each room had a bed, shelter, ample food and one room even had a television! We were prepared to go to great lengths to make sure our beloved dogs were well looked after whilst we were abroad. 
In stark contrast, Lance was greeted with pat downs by inmates when he visited the Malawian prison (a desperate plight for any pick pocketing opportunities I guess.) A community of men fragmented and seemingly, so far from the image their Creator had first dreamt for them. There were no beds, no shelter and certainly no televisions. Just men completely laid bare, exposed to the mercy of the elements. If we saw dogs in this condition we would call the RSPCA for intervention.Lance was expecting to contend with a stench and the fear-driven images that we are accustomed to in prison films. Instead, he was pleasantly surprised that despite their harsh conditions, they were clean, they were gentle or perhaps they were just broken men – broken men ripe for revival, ripe for a new beginning.We had no plans to visit a prison, to touch the hands of God by shaking their grubby hands, to give Jesus a hug by holding these men. These men sobbed as Lance held them and told them that he was not ashamed to call them brothers. Twenty to thirty brothers found home by accepting Christ that day. Two brothers were healed physically of sickness and pain. It was indeed a good day for a party in heaven.We thank God it was a good day for a prison break.

Written by Belle Wolter