Fulfilling the Great Commission by raising Christ-centred disciples to plant vibrant, biblical churches in our cities and countries all over the world


I’m Pastor Sonny from Hope West Africa, based in Liberia. We’re doing church planting around West Africa. Basically at the moment in Liberia, in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Cotonou in Benin and Togo as well.

We thank God for our God is with us. He is helping us and we are moving according to the will of God. We thank God that by the grace of God we have moved from (since May last year), from 13 churches, we were able to plant more churches. Now, we have 17 churches and we are trusting God before the end of the year and also next year, to grow to between 25 to 30 churches. That is our plan and we’re trusting God that God will help us to make it work.

I thank God for releasing our leaders for training because we need more training. The more we receive training, the more effective we’ll become on the field. We thank God also for the few of our leaders who are not that dedicated but yet they are committed to the work because when you are genuinely converted and you are commissioned, then you must be committed to the Commission. That is what we are trying.

We thank God for being with us and we pray that you guys will come and also continue with us as we run with the vision. Thanks so much. I greet you all. God bless you.

Pastor Sonny Brown 
HIM Liberia, Africa