Fulfilling the Great Commission by raising Christ-centred disciples to plant vibrant, biblical churches in our cities and countries all over the world


Pastor Wilson, Pastor Brendan and Pastor Ravi went as a team to Bangalore for ministry from 8th to 12th Feb, 2016. The purpose of the mission trip was to visit Pastor Jackson’s new church building in Bangalore and to conduct leadership and pastors training.  New church building in Bangalore 

Pastor Jackson’s new church building in Bangalore is a large 5-storey building. Its large auditorium can seat over 2000 people (Indian style). They could buy this building at a good price and with attractive conditions on payment because it stood vacant for about 3 years. Every attempt to lease or purchase the building fell apart. When the leaders visited the building they were confronted by a demon-possessed woman who declared that the demon owned the site and no one would ever use it. But they cast out the demon and negotiated a deal with the developer. God is amazing. By faith, they are trusting God that the full price can be paid off within a few years. This building is much bigger compared with their current building (light blue colour facade), which is located in a little street.

Susai Pastors Training 

Pastor Brendan preached on “Faith” in Susai (North side of Bangalore) for Pastors Training. Pastor Brendan emphasised the importance of faith in order to accomplish the mission that God has for us – to preach the gospel all over India, to train leaders, and to plant new churches! Ps Wilson preached on overcoming our Glass Ceiling. Ps Ravi preached on being fruitful. Pastor Brendan had a word of knowledge regarding heart problem and blood pressure. Two people came forward for prayer with heart problems and they received prayer for healing.

Evening service at KMPC

Pastor Brendan preached on “Faith overcoming problems”. We will have problems in this life. Therefore, there is no point asking God for us not to have problems. But it is more pertinent to ask God for strength and faith to help us persevere through the problems. The key statement is “Your problem is NOT your problem! Your faith is your problem – focus on building your faith and you will soar above the storms as an eagle. Amen!”

Pastor Wilson preached on John 5, about the paralytic receiving his healing. When God speaks we need to be present. We need to obey to receive the miracle.

Healing Testimonies 

1. Lady with Knee problem

2. Lady with bad eyesight and stomach and leg problems.

3. Lady with lung disease – was in hospital for 8 days. Came out of hospital to come to church for prayer. All fully healed.

4. Lady’s daughter testified that her headaches (which she had for years) were healed last year and hasn’t returned since.

Pastors Training in Mysoor 

Pastor Brendan preached on GC and apostolic vision and need to overcome by faith. Pastor Wilson preached on building team leadership. What we do with the people we have is more important than their ability. How we train and raise them up is the focus. Pastor Ravi preached on Core Values and benefit of being in HIM.

Madurai Pastors Training in Tamilnadu 

On Thursday morning, Pastor Brendan went with Pastor Jackson for pastors training to Madurai in Tamilnadu. Madurai a “small” city of about 3M people! There was an 11am Madurai Ministers Fellowship (see photo). There were 321 pastors meeting today for their monthly meeting

Pastor Brendan preached on “Faith” being the most important thing in your life! The pastors were very responsive to the word of God. Ps Jackson preached on the “Qualities of a Pastor”

Pastor Brendan prayed for lady with gastric problem – all the pain left. See photo of lady in pink sari. A lady with diabetes (photo on right). All the pain left.
Ps Jackson being driven for over 13 hours to preach for one hour to a group of pastors.

Pastors Training: Bengaluru: Munisvara Nagar 

Pastor Wilson shared at Local Pastors Fellowship with around 50 pastors. Ps Wilson preached on “How To Train Leaders”. Pastor Jackson and Pastor Brendan went to the birthday party of a one year old little boy. He had been given up to die by doctors in ICU. But Ps Jackson came in and laid hands on him, prayed, and said he will lived and he lived!