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During the pandemic, Hope Southern Africa supported communities and one another through many means. They helped flood victims and fed families. They helped by providing soap to 507 families and provided nearly 2,000 masks. Other than that, during the quarantine, they distributed distance education to the children and provided staff wages for 2 months for the teachers. This would not have been possible without those of you who gave to this relief effort. Here’s an update and appreciation message from Michael Wolter.

Hi. I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us and our work here Africa. Especially during the last 2 and a half months. We know it has been difficult for everyone around the world to go through the COVID-19 pandemic and be quarantined. Thank you for your generosity and your continued support.

We know it’s not easy to give when you are also trying to survive and the future feels uncertain. God loves our love for one another. Sometimes we love by going to the poor and sitting with them, holding hands (when we’re allowed and not social distancing), praying forpeople who have sick bodies and broken hearts and sometimes we support one anotherby celebrating and giving thanks. So, I wanted to say thank you with my dance! Thank you everyone who has helped us and our brothers and sisters here in Africa!

In difficult times, it’s good to celebrate what we’ve achieved together!

By Michael Wolter, Hope Southern Africa