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The first Hope School of Supernat Ministry ran from Jan 28 – Feb 8, 2013 in Auckland, New Zealand. The school was open to people from HIM Oceania. The School’s purpose was to develop a culture of revival and a lifestyle of the supernatural through teaching on our identity in Christ, how to walk in signs and wonders. To have a strong emphasis on healing, developing a prophetic culture, and demonstrating the gospel with power. Students graduating would then return to their local churches in order for them to impart this culture of revival.

All the speakers taught, imparted and ministered to the students. In the safe environment of the school, students could prophesy, give words of knowledge and pray for healing for each other. There were activities for the students to use what they learned. A Summer Fair where there was face painting and ballooning for kids, prophetic art given out and praying for healing for people at the park. Students were sent out in ministry teams to four churches where they led worship, preached the word and ministered through prophecy and healing.

Topics and speakers:
  • Father Heart of God – Andy Piggott, Senior Leader Bethel NZ
  • Identity and Sonship (orphan to son, saint not sinner, prince not pauper) – Angela Soh
  • Intimacy with God, Presence of God – Matt Lansdowne, Associate Sr Leader Bethel NZ
  • Revival History – Winkie and William Pratney, Revival Historians, Authors, Editor, Revival Study Bible
  • Signs and Wonders with emphasis on Healing – Chris Gore, Director, Healing Ministries Bethel Church, Redding
  • Hearing the Voice of God – Lynley Allan, former Asso Pastor Catch the Fire Ministries and former Director of Sch of Ministries, Catch the Fire Ministries now returned to NZ
  • Kingdom Culture, Destiny and Calling – Senior Leader, Liberty Christian Church
  • Word of Knowledge – Angela Soh
  • Recognising the Move of God – Tim Stevenson, Senior Leader, Horizon Church
  • Prophetic Ministry and Declarations, Presbytery – Ian Johnson, Prophet, Horizon Church

All churches involved were very happy with the ministry teams. We also sent students on Treasure hunts to pray for people with positive results. Most students rated the school very good to excellent in all aspects in the evaluation.

A testimony from one of the students after returning to Melbourne…

Today I finally charged past the chicken line at my workplace. I’ve been meaning to pray for my colleague with a bad back ever since I got back from HSSM. But I always had a ready excuse to chicken out. Today she shared that her pain is so bad she’s considering surgery. I told her let’s pray! I explained to her what I’d do (cos she’s never had anyone pray for her before) and got her to show me her current range of movement. Then we prayed. And God healed instantaneously! She was totally stoked and said she’d come to me for any future pain! Haha. God you are so so so good!

Written by Angela Soh – Hope Auckland 


The next School of Supernatural Ministry will be on Jan 13-24th, 2014 http://hopessm.wix.com/hssm