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This year’s Easter Camp at Hope Perth was nothing short of amazing; there was a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We have been praying for our members and sensed that God wanted to refresh the church and draw everyone closer to His heart. The camp was themed “A Time of Refreshing”. Not only God blessed us with an awesome camp venue nicely located in a scenic corner of the Swan River, but also He has blessed us financially to raise $8000 in a short period to provide financial support to encourage the student and family group to join the camp.

From 6-9 April, about 70 of us gathered to spend a quality three days and nights with one another. God turned up and everyone had an amazing time. The central message of God was be “refreshed in God’s presence”. Apart from a spirit-led worship and heartfelt preaching, we also had life enriching workshops to cover topics like health, career, relationship and personal finance. Ps Brendan did a workshop on how to answer difficult questions on Christianity, which turned out to be the most popular workshop.

We had the first ever talent night, where people displayed their various talents and gifting in a very warm and joyful atmosphere. This turned out to be one of the highlights of the camp. We had so much fun and it is so amazing to see the talents and gifts God has given us. Many who attended said that they were refreshed by the camp experience, and that this camp brought their excitement of knowing God to new heights.

Written by James Ling