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Hope Canberra Ministry in the Australian National University (ANU) 

Since early 2014, Hope Canberra has been focusing our effort to grow the student ministry in the Australian National University (ANU). Our church is strategically located in Canberra city centre and just 10 minutes walking distance from ANU. 

ANU has been enjoying top global ranking in recent years and has attracted international students from all corners of the world. Hence, it is our desire to reach out to students from all nations and build a truly multicultural and vibrant church community.

God has been really good in bringing seeking students into our midst and many had strong and powerful encounter with God. This has resulted in maturity and growth in the students as well as new conversion into the Kingdom of God.

God has also brought in faithful students who are highly motivated to co-labour with the church to grow and establish the ministry in ANU. There is still a lot of work to be done in ANU but God has given us a great start. We are currently growing leaders, making disciples and teaching the new believers. We are also starting the second student life group this month.

If you know friends or family members who are studying or planning to study in ANU in the near future, do connect them with Hope Canberra. We are excited about this ministry and look forward to extend our reach to other academic institutions in the near future.

 Patrick Ching, Hope Canberra