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Excitement filled the air as streams of people walked into the premises of UNIDUS Community Centre on a cool morning on 22 September 2013. Wearing shirts with the year each individual first joined the church highlighted in neon, friendly car park attendants and ushers greeted us with much warmth and friendliness. It was simply amazing seeing how some people have been a part of church since we started in 1993 and are still faithfully serving in this House, believing in the vision of the church.

From the car park to the main entrance, a map on the ground highlighted the different milestones in the life of our church. God has been truly faithful to us for the last 20 years. The morning started with a powerful time of prayer as we committed the whole service into the hands of our Lord. We then moved into a little pre-service segment where four entertaining hosts took us into a time of fun, laughter, and games as well as bringing us on a history journey of our church for the past 20 years.

10am and our 20th Anniversary service officially began. The orchestra performed two spectacular numbers – How Great Thou Art and Cornerstone. The worship team then led us into a powerful time of praise and worship. Pastor Lance and Pastor Joshua stole the show the minute they walked in to host. They shared their experiences over the past year at church and entertained us with some catwalk action – parading their very cool t-shirts.

The highlight of the service most definitely was the mini-production that the Events team put together. This production opened with a bang as up to 10 percussionists together with the band, performed an amazing rendition of the song, “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus”. We had a couple of song presentations tied in with two very inspiring life-changing testimonies. Through this production, it was evident that the church exists to bring about support and encouragement for individuals to fully experience God and have their lives restored in Christ.

Pastor Wilson then sealed the service with a message on the parable of the mustard seed emphasizing the power of just one seed that if planted well, will grow into a strong tree. Each seed represents a life and it is evident through the testimonies shared that when seeds are planted well, we will reap the fruits.

The service ended with a big celebration of balloons being released from the ceiling as the band led us into yet another time of praising God. This was certainly an event of the year for us here at Hope Church Brisbane. God is indeed faithful and we look forward to all He has in store for us in the next 20 years. To God be all the glory!

Written by Sara Leong

Hope Church, Brisbane