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We are blessed to have access to freshly baked bread every Monday, due to the generous donation of a local bakery. The amount varies according to the season, but usually, we have something to give away to the homeless in our inner city.God faithfully provides and on some occasions, quite miraculously. We recall a time when a quiet stranger approached us to donate some bananas and lovely boxes of cake when we ran out of bread and bananas to give to the group of hungry people. She disappeared as quickly as she came and we have not seen her since. We thank God for His wonderful provisions.

However, at times, we have unintentionally offended some of our street friends, due to our naive words or actions. We have been yelled at, sworn at and sometimes told not to come back. These experiences have humbled us and help remind us that building trust is very important.

We realise it is not enough to simply give of our own accord. The people we meet on the street each week are not merely charity projects to be tested on, for us to feel good about our own giving and personal growth. They are people like us, who deserve to be treated with dignity and love.

We thank our Father for His gracious provision and opportunity to serve. We pray that He guides us, as His church to love sincerely and to give freely, as Christ has done for us.

Written by Nathan and Jacqui