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Hope Adelaide “Health and Nutrition Community Sunday”.

We found out that each year for the months of July/August there is a downward trend in attendance for most Hope churches in Australia. The leadership team of Hope Adelaide looked at the last few years’ July attendance and noted that it dipped significantly due to people going away on holidays, going back home or due to the cold weather. So we decided to boost attendance this year and create some momentum by running a couple of Big Days in July!

One of the suggestions from Ps Helen was to have a Health and Nutrition Sunday – something we had never done before. Planning for each Big Day would usually take about 6 weeks. We needed as much time as possible to come up to speed on all the different areas about Health and Nutrition!

The service included a 25 minute interview of our six experts answering targeted questions followed by a short sermon which addressed spiritual health.

After the service, we set up six booths: nutrition, fitness, dental, medical, hearing and counselling. All manned with our own experts! We had a good response from the community – quite a few first time visitors. The hall was packed with people! We had 10 first time visitors and about 14 returning visitors with lots of food and games to keep kids occupied.

The Lord succeeded beyond our expectations. July became our record attendance for monthly average so far for our church! Even out of season, with intentionality and determination, it is possible to do something new and fresh to outreach to the community so that they may also come to experience Jesus! Praise the Lord!

Written by Hope Adelaide