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Hands of Hope is Hope Brisbane’s community arm. Other than their annual Christmas 4 Kids, they also serve in Algester State School in an initiative called The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club was set up in partnership with the State Chaplaincy program, in order to ensure that kids have a nutritious and healthy start to their day of education. It was a practical avenue by which Hands of Hope could impact a local school within the area. 
As the new term has just begun across primary schools in Queensland, their dedicated volunteers in Algester State School continue to invest their time and energy in blessing the local community. The young school children of Algester State School couldn’t be happier being served toast, cereal and fruit by the Breakfast Club volunteers.

The following is a testimony of a volunteer who served in the Breakfast Club: 

“As a person that has long believed that serving God should go beyond the four walls of our church, I was always keen to grab hold of anything I could to truly be Jesus’ hands and feet to our surrounding community. The chance to serve as a Breakfast Club volunteer throughout 2013 was the perfect opportunity. The many mornings that I spent at Algester State School truly refreshed me as a reminder in loving and cherishing God’s precious children. It continued to grow me in serving others in the community around us, and helped me to understand the compassion of our very own Lord and Saviour. “

Joseph FAM, Breakfast Club Volunteer 

Other than that, Hands of Hope also plans to roll out a Grief and Loss Program in Algester State School to help children undergoing loss or grief and is in the midst of recruiting volunteers. It is hoped that the program will assist students who are these days more prone to issues relating to family life, divorce, separation, loss, and chronic illnesses and diseases, and will give students a chance to voice their thoughts, hurts and opinions in a safe environment.