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Dear HIM Family, Greetings and a very Blessed 2016!
The new year has started and we are racing into the plans and purposes of God, I am sure! But before we run headlong into all that we have planned with our leaders and members, perhaps I would like to interject something very, very, important at this juncture. That is – to PRAY and SEEK HIS FACE for our family of HIM. Yes, we want to let God our Heavenly Father know, that the most important start to the year of 2016, is to DEPEND ON HIM! All of our endeavours, strategies and success, are to be found in Him. He is the One who makes us all fruitful, but it is through Abiding in Him!
Therefore we are going to take time in the month of February, to do a week of Prayer for our family of churches. Please take a look at the schedules prepared, and mobilise our churches to Pray! Our year will certainly take a definite turn for the better, because we took the time and made the priority to Seek Him.
God bless us all.

Ps Simon Eng & Lai Eng 

‘Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

 Jeremiah 33:3 (NIV) 


15 Feb to 22nd Feb 2016 

Monday 15th Feb 

Consecration (Ps 86:11-13) 

  • Dedicating 2016 to God. Walking in holiness, joy and intimacy with God.
  • Experiencing God’s grace and power at work personally. Growing in love and dedication to God.
  • Pursue wholeheartedly God’s will and His purposes.Tuesday 16th Feb
    Breakthroughs & Transformation (Isa 43:1-7)
  • Personal breakthroughs in God. Pioneering breakthroughs in localities and
  • Effective breakthroughs for entry vehicles to new places
    (via visa/employment/contacts).
  • Local communities experiencing godly transformation.

Wednesday 17th Feb 

God-led advancement (Isa 41:18-20) 

  • Individual and corporate encountering of God.
  • Developing and training of workers for the Lord.
  • Effective evangelism and soul winning for the Lord.
  • Greater cohesion of HIM systems and organisation

Thursday 18th Feb 

Shared Mission: Align our hearts (Matt 28:18-20, Amos 3:3) 

  • United in heart as HIM family in moving forward together in fulfilling the Great
  • Consistently diligent in communicating God’s mission for HIM; sharing values,
    philosophy and ministry, theology so that we may move effectively as one in God.
  • Being faithful and committed individually and as HIM body to fulfil God’s call upon
    us as a family of churches, both now and for the future.

Friday 19th Feb 

Umbrella of intercession (Deut 4:29, Isa 62:6-7) 
  • Faith and courage in experiencing breakthroughs in domestic and overseas church plants as we pray fervently.
  • Increase in momentum of prayer and intercession to be powerful praying churches in God as HIM family.
  • Power of God manifested in miraculous ways as we humble ourselves before Him in prayer.
  • Many to rise up in prayer and intercession to usher in God’s end time harvest whilst as we diligently sow and reap in the Lord. Strong canopy/umbrella of prayer and intercession as we pursue God’s vision together.

Saturday 20th Feb 

Effective development of Systems & Organisation (Prov 127:1) 

  • Organisational structure of HIM as God reveals His blueprint for us as a family of
  • Efficient and effective structures that would support, promote the expansion and
    future development of HIM; helping to realise the God-given mission and goals of
    HIM. Godly wisdom in building and improving future infrastructure
    (departmental, management, traineeship and in governance).

Sunday 21st Feb 

Multiply: God’s wisdom & enablement (2 Tim 2:2, Exo 18:9-23) 
  • Effectively disciple and train members to be godly leaders for the Lord.
  • Effective development in raising godly and capable leaders at every level for purposes of the kingdom, where every region is raising up more leaders.
  • Multiplication of five- fold ministers within HIM. Equipping body of believers in the Word, in the Spirit, in character and in skills to serve God.

Monday 22nd Feb

Church health: each church and centre (Matt 7:24-25) 
  • Strong, united, and anointed local leadership and core teams.
  • Effective in outreach, solid discipleship and pastoral care in local churches.
  • Experience Presence of God with solid inspirational, life-changing preaching.
  • Members committed to God’s vision; in growing and in planting God’s church Nationally
    and Regionally
  • Creativity and relevance in impacting their local communities and beyond