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“A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.”

Proverbs 16:9 is a verse that aptly describes the process that we went through in organising Global Fest. But first, let me just give you a context to this story. This story is told from my perspective of being on the organising committee and a HIM staff.

The last international in-person event that we organised was the Global Leadership Summit in January 2020 in Bangkok and we happily announced that our next Global Leadership Conference would be held in Kuching in January 2021. Two months later, the wave of lockdowns hit. All of our best laid plans for future events were laid waste. But yet, in the midst of the chaos of executing contingencies and working with limitations to bring our events and connection online, we saw a golden opportunity.

With usage of online platforms becoming more common and accepted, the distance between countries was effectively eliminated. We started dreaming and discussing audaciously about an online event that would bring together our HIM global family like never before. Our aim was to foster a sense of connectedness, unity and family in a world that is becoming increasingly isolated.  We also wanted to mobilise the different generations to be a part of this, from the young to the seniors. On top of that, we also wanted to see the creative arts bloom within our movement.

The resulting plan was ambitious and dare I say, scary. We coined it Global Fest; a complex series of events that spanned over a period of more than two weeks. We aimed to reach all levels of people in the HIM global family. At times during the process of executing this ambitious plan, we had second thoughts. Why did we put ourselves through this? The learning curve was steep. We had never done this before! The details were tedious and complex. The fear of it failing spectacularly loomed in our heads. The Global Fest’s theme was aptly named “Pioneer”. We as the organising committee, truly felt that we were launched into a pioneering of a new thing with Global Fest. But God is good. He provided us with the right people at the right time. He weaved our plans together when at first, it looked like a fragmented series of events.

The Global Fest was kicked off pre-fest with various Contests to bring out the creatives from within our movement. We were pleasantly surprised and highly impressed by the entries and it really reflects the diversity of our family. Go to himglobalfest.org to listen, read and see the works of the winning entries. Thereafter, the Global Fest kicked off with the most important element, Global Fast & Prayer week. Every night from 26 Feb – 4 Mar, around 400-500 people joined us on Facebook for a live corporate prayer session. This Global Prayer week sparked a spiritual momentum and God’s move throughout the remainder of the Global Fest. During the same week, Pastors and Coordinators were ministered to as well in personal presbytery sessions. 6 Mar was dedicated to events to touch the leaders in our movement with two sessions of Global Leadership Conference and a Pastors Meeting. Even though the teachings were via pre-recorded videos, we could sense the anointing and stirring of the Holy Spirit it those sessions. It was incredible!

Thereafter, on 7 Mar, all our churches tuned into Ps Wilson’s message, “Go with the Gospel” and enjoyed our very own “The Blessing” virtual choir performance during Global Service in their respective church services. After the Global Service, life groups from all over the world connected with each for Global Life Group and discussed the “Go with the Gospel” Bible study. Many who joined the Global Life Group thoroughly enjoyed connecting with brothers and sisters from another church and it opened up their eyes to the possibility of connecting beyond the borders of their own church and nation!

The whole Global Fest then culminated at the Global Carnival, which was the finale that was open to everyone in the HIM global family. More than 600 people thronged to the Zoom meeting and the noise was gloriously deafening as we unmuted ourselves to say hi to each other!  We celebrated the diversity of our family by dressing up in our cultural wear. We played games and were so inspired and touched by the pioneering stories. The forum speakers, who are pioneers on the ground shared insightful and inspiring experiences and advice to us. Many responded to #pioneerpraysow into different areas and regions. The Global Carnival ended with the awards ceremony of the Pre-Fest contest winners! This Global Carnival is special because it involved a huge working team (both behind the scenes and on scene) that consists of young new faces ranging from early 20s to 30s.

We faced multiple challenges throughout the organising process and there were things that didn’t go the way we planned it. On hindsight, we can now testify that God really showed up throughout the Global Fest to inspire, touch and convict His people. There were feedbacks that every event was a build up to the next one and everything fell in place. One common thread in the feedback from participants was that they realised they are not alone and belong to a bigger global family.

Now, we understand that we may have our plans but it is God who directed our steps. It turned out better because His ways are higher than ours! This is true of all pioneering endeavours isn’t it? Whether you are starting a new ministry, a new life group, reaching out to a new person or starting a God-inspired project that is ambitious and scary. As each of us now go on the journey of #pioneerpraysow, let us remember Proverbs 16:9, especially when face challenges and hard times! God is with us!

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who was involved in the organising the Global Fest. We especially highlight Hope Church Brisbane and Hope Church Kuching as many of the events were anchored by these two churches. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Written by Nicola Song
HIM Corporate Communications