Fulfilling the Great Commission by raising Christ-centred disciples to plant vibrant, biblical churches in our cities and countries all over the world


We love Bangkok! It’s a land with plenty of tasty food, great people with radiant smiles, awesome hospitality and plenty of nostalgia. Our 13th Global Conference (GC) was held in this city from 20 to 23 January 2015 with the theme FAMILY. We had delegates from HIM churches from India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. It was such a joy to see the global family coming together to worship, pray, learn God’s Word, fellowship and eat together! 

HIM Bangkok Oasis Church hosted this GC and we were in for such a treat especially with the vibrant and anointed worship sessions. Every worship session was coloured with plenty of joy, claps and dance. We were blessed with the warm hospitality and the wonderful conference arrangements.

The first morning started off with the Elders’ address. Ps Simon and Ps Wilson shared about exciting things happening in our HIM churches, especially in the area of missions and church planting. In the past year, we have seen much accelerated growth in many of the regions. In the afternoon, we also had time to pray together as a global family. The presence of God was very strong as we prayed and worshipped. The resounding word during the prayer session was “restoration”, from Joel 2:25 and many leaders were ministered to and refreshed by the Lord.

One of the highlights of this GC was our guest speaker. It was our privilege to have Ps Larry Kreider of Dove International, to impart to us and teach us again in this GC. He first taught us in our Five-Fold Global Conference in Taipei two years ago. Ps Larry preached to us for two nights, imparting God’s heart to us about being spiritual fathers and mothers. He shared with us his experience and gave amazing insights. When he spoke on the Heart of Spiritual Fathers and Mothers, he emphasized that everyone needs a spiritual parent and all of us need to be spiritual parents. It is His will for us to become spiritual parents to others and to give us spiritual parents. Spiritual parenting is for EVERYONE. He also preached about Nurturing Spiritual Fathers and Mothers. Spiritual parenting is multiplying ourselves over and over. We are to initiate relationships, build and encourage their lives and release them to do the same thing. This is Jesus’ model!

Ps Simon and Ps Wilson, our Elders, also taught a few lessons such as the Church as a Spiritual Family, Nurturing the Global Family and Dreaming as a Family of Churches. One of the most essential and basic points that stood out is that God Himself is “a family” and therefore He desires His church to be a family. Our churches are not just an organization of people, but a family. We decide to stick together to fulfill the Great Commission. Therefore, we, as a global family of churches, are to support one another, celebrate differences, communicate well, work through conflicts and find solutions together.

To make principles practical and applicable for our delegates, we also had forum sessions where a panel of pastors were interviewed, including Ps Larry. Many delegates were blessed by the pastors who shared their experiences and hearts. We also had two afternoons of workshops with a selection that catered to different roles, functions and stages of life. Workshops ranged from Coaching to Church Operation to Raising Godly Children. On the second day afternoon after the workshops, there were also interest group gatherings for Worship, Intercession and Establishing Apostolic Practices. The purpose of these interest groups is networking, synergy between churches, sharing ideas and encouraging each other.

Written by Nicola Song