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On 13-15 April 2018, over 300 participants from across three different university, the university of Queensland, Queensland university of technology and Griffith university held their annual CCM conference in Watson park convention center. The 3 days 2-night conference took place in April. The theme for this year’s conference was Audacious: No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regret aimed to inspire and challenge students to live a life of No Reserve, No Retreat and No Regret for Jesus. Furthermore, they were called to step out boldly and live an audacious live for Jesus.

Throughout the conference, there were 5 live changing and impacting sessions. The senior leadership team and also pastor Joshua challenged the delegates to push beyond their comfort zones and to step out boldly into trusting God. The first two session challenged the delegates to have no reserve for God. They were challenged to trust God and continue to live a life that has no reserves for Jesus. The following session, the delegates were challenged to follow Jesus wholeheartedly without having any retreat. The last two sessions were followed by moving forward together with Jesus, having no regrets in our walk. Overall, lives were touched and moved by God, and the delegates learn what it means to walk an audacious life for Jesus.

Besides having life changing sessions, outdoor events were organised by the committee for Friday night and also Saturday afternoon. The activities promoted team building and also acts as a platform for delegates to get to know each other better. Delegates enjoyed the time spent with one another.

Sunday was a memorable and joyous occasion where participants gathered around the pool to witness and celebrate brothers and sisters taking a step of faith to commit their lives to Jesus by being water baptised. The conference ended with open testimonies, where participants flooded to the front row of the hall, all eager to share what God has been doing in their lives throughout this conference. It has been an amazing time as we witnessed God’s grace at work within lives of the participants.

In summary, it has been an amazing 3 day 2-nights of tears, joy and laughter as God has spoken to many delegates and challenged their heart to live audaciously for God. As 2018 continues, the momentum will continue to make Jesus known in our campus. Onwards we march towards greater things as we continue to rely on God’s strength and grace.

Written by Jason Leong